Greeting everybody, CamEd Confessions is created under the purpose to share the information about crush/feeling/meme in an anonymous way. To keep the fun and entertainment purposes going on, there is a list of rules which you should consider before submit your confession:
1. The confession is kept anonymous to protect the privacy of the submit
2. The submit shall not be abusive/inappropriate to any one
3. Meme & confessions are accepted as long as the individuals name is censored *^* so that the individual would not be annoyed
4. Keep the confession as friendly as possible xD
5. We have the right to reject the submission if found to be inappropriate of any kind
6. CamEd Confessions is an independent entity which does not belong/affiliate to CamEd Business School
7. Enjoy the pleasure of the content that we post on the Facebook page
8. Help consult with every problem you have all dear xDDD
9. Don’t reply to your own submission hahhahah to keep everyone wonder about it eseses xD
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